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5 Tips to keep your lawn healthy in the heat.

Green lawnmower, cutting grass to keep it healthy.

Don’t cut your grass too short!

Give your lawn a fighting chance and leave your grass a little longer during the summer months! When grass is cut too short, it risks pesky insects causing damage.

Cut, don’t shred!

Make sure that your mower blades are kept sharp, this will cut the grass nicely! Mower blades that are not kept sharp, will end up shredding your grass, leaving the tips brown and dead.

Don’t water your lawn everyday!

When you water your lawn, you need to give the grass enough time to absorb the water, before the sun rises and it evaporates.

For this reason, you should aim to water your garden in the early morning. And for the best effect, you should avoid watering your lawn everyday, and instead, water deeply when you do. This will allow healthier roots to grow, in turn, keeping your garden greener through the summer months.

Get rid of the weeds!

Unfortunately, we can’t ignore the weeds that thrive in summer months. You should try to prevent them by using weed treatment or kill them by using spot treatment. You can find these at


Remember to fertilise your garden during the summer months, this is one of the most important tips! Using the correct amount of each fertiliser will provide your lawn with the perfect mix that it needs, achieving both immediate and long-term results.

Use 25% quick-release fertiliser and 75% slow-release fertiliser.

By following these 5 handy tips, you will be sure to maintain a perfectly healthy, green garden this summer!

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